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Conflict V Collaboration

April 26, 2022 me&my wellness / Tony Wall Season 1 Episode 99
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Conflict V Collaboration
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Have you ever wondered WHY there is conflict somewhere in the world? The recent invasion of the Ukraine by Russia has resulted in unnecessary loss of human lives, homes, schools, and the list of devastation goes on.

In this episode of me&my health up we seek to answer the question why with Anthony (Tony) Wall – Founder of Noesis, a worldwide education network aimed at enabling humanity to replace the churn of conflict with the gift of clarity.  His mission is to help people understand the underlying causes of the human condition and enable human health and survival.

About Tony Wall

Tony graduated from the William Penn Charter School, in Philadelphia.  He then continued his education at Lake Forest College, in Chicago, Il. 

A Liberal Arts education ignited Tony’s interest in existential philosophy.  Existential thought is deductive at its core. It demands that Tony, and now, the entire human species, views the world through a starkly realistic lens.

Tony started his professional career in relationship-based sales, eventually becoming the top producer with ADT National Accounts.

In 2000, Tony reinvented his career, earning his licenses as a Registered Investment Advisor with PNC Investments, and later, with the Royal Bank of Canada.

Tony’s passion today is centered on the growth of Noēsis, to create a worldwide network of education, to understand the totality of evolutionary influence on modern behavior, to enable the arrival of the human species into a sustainable future.

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