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For the Love of Mum with Lucie Kasna

December 14, 2021 me&my wellness / Lucie Kasna Season 1 Episode 80
me&my health up
For the Love of Mum with Lucie Kasna
Show Notes

Becoming a mother is the easy part. Being a mother is challenging, a struggle and even more so when you are living away from family. As they say it takes a village to raise a child! In this episode of me&my health up we chat all things maternal with the Founder of For the Love of Mum Community. A community that supports mums through motherhood. Lucie shares her story of the physical, mental and spiritual struggle she experienced during the early years of motherhood and how she now supports mums holistically to help minimise this struggle.

About Lucie Kasna

Lucie is passionate about everything holistic health by using many modalities to learn about our physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Coming from Eastern Europe, brought up using herbal medicine in everyday life to help soothe any physical or emotional discomforts. Alongside the right nutrition, daily movement, meditation, and Reiki energy healing, she is using her knowledge of essential oils and herbal medicine to develop healthy daily habits to deal with anything life throws at us.

She runs a monthly coaching program, helping mums experience a deep connection through an online community so that they can be seen, heard & understood during the big transition/big identity shift that is motherhood.

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