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June 21, 2022 me&my wellness / Stel Coombe Heath Season 1 Episode 107
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Are you sick and tired of overeating and that terrible after feeling? Do you constantly worry about your body image? If this is you, then this episode of me&my health up is a must listen!

We speak with Stel Coombe-Heath who shares her personal journey with similar concerns and how she has navigated her way to addressing them. Stel now helps others through their concerns. 

About Stel Coombe-Heath

Stel Coombe-Heath is a certified health and life coach specialising in body image, spirituality, emotional eating, and women's empowerment. She's the woman behind the brand Wholesome Lifestyle Project with a vision of a future where women are no longer ashamed of their bodies, where young girls don't feel guilty about what they eat and draw their self-worth from within, not from what they look like on the outside.
When she is not facilitating transformations around relationships with food and the body, she hosts the "Beyond overeating by wholesome lifestyle project" podcast, and is a published author of the Amazon #1 bestseller "Reclaim your inner goddess"
Stel struggled with a disordered relationship with food and her body for over 13 years, battling two eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and emotional eating. She is now passionate about a future where women and young girls are no longer ashamed of their bodies.
As a holistic health recovery specialist and body image coach, Stel infuses yoga, mindfulness, and emotional resilience into her consultations with clients.  

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About me&my Health Up & Host

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